Why do dogs lick our faces or our hands?

Why do dogs lick our faces

From attracting your attention, looking for affection or because he likes the taste of your skin. Your dog has many reasons to lick you. Do you want to know what they are?

Dogs are man’s best friend and demonstrate their affection for people in many ways. One of them is licking the face or hands of its owners and this closely resembles a ‘canine kiss’. There are studies that affirm that, in addition, the animal receives information from us through this muscle. This explains why the dog is able to know if we are sad or, on the contrary, we are overjoyed. As a puppy, the dog learns to “speak” with its tongue.

The dog not only explores the world using his sense of smell and sight, but also uses his tongue to face the unknown. Have you not noticed that when you give your furry a new toy in addition to sniffing it, he sucks it? It is his way of getting to know that unknown object.

The lick is a communication system that the dog uses to transmit various things to us and we will tell you what are the reasons why your pet licks your face.


1. Call People To Know Them

Smell is their strongest sense but they also learn much of what they perceive through taste. A person’s taste transmits a lot of information such as their chemical composition (hormones and other chemicals in the skin), their state of health and their mood. That is why in the canine salute they lick each other and they also do it with humans. If he savors something delicious, the next thing will be to ask you for food.

2. You Know Well

There are dogs that like the taste of certain creams, and on the other hand, it seems that they tend to prefer salty flavors and human sweat is salty, so if your dog licks you after exercise it’s because he likes it. Others, however, believe that you do not know how to clean yourself properly and they will politely help you with your lick to feel clean again.

3. Submission Act

Licking is also a sign of respect and submission for dogs. They lick other members of the pack or social group to show their acceptance of the rank. If your dog lies down and licks your feet, it’s probably his way of showing respect. To him you are the leader of the pack and as such it is your duty to guide and teach him how he should behave.

4. Anxiety Issues

Licking can be a sign of anxiety. Licking, licking, or licking may find relief from your anxiety. If you think you may have some kind of anxiety, see your vet.

5. I Lamed You Because He Loves You

If your dog licks you it is because he loves you. Canine mothers lick their puppies to clean and stimulate them, so it’s one of their most important social cues. That is why he can lick your hand when you enter the house as a sign of affection and he licks you after stroking him, he returns the friendly gesture.

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