Toledo asks court to release him due to danger of Coronavirus

Alejandro Toledo Release

The former president held in a prison in California, through his defense, has asked a court in the United States to consider Alejandro Toledo as an inmate with a high risk of dying from the Coronavirus.

Former President Alejandro Toledo, who faces an extradition process in the United States under a preventive prison order, has requested for the second time that his release be reconsidered before a California court, this time based on the risk that he could contract coronavirus (COVID -19).

The document that was broadcast this morning by Canal N is sent by the Toledo Manrique legal defense , led by attorney Graham Archer, to the district court of Northern California, San Francisco division. The text was officially submitted on Monday, March 16.

“The arrest of Dr. Toledo puts him in an unacceptable risk of death or serious injury due to the high probability that he will be infected with COVID-19 coronavirus,” indicates the release request.

Archer points out that Alejandro Toledo has advanced age and current health problems, making him more susceptible to contracting the coronavirus and dying from its effects.

This, added to other arguments such as the fact that, according to the lawyer, Alejandro Toledo has not yet faced a formal complaint in Peru, he should support a release to avoid “a tragedy in human rights and an international diplomatic disaster.”

Alejandro Toledo remains a prisoner at the Maguire Correctional Center, in the city of Redwood, California, while the United States justice system processes the first extradition request against him for the alleged payments he would have received from Odebrecht in exchange for accessing the project. South Interoceanic.

It should be recalled that, currently, Toledo Manrique and his wife, Eliane Karp, are immovable in a second extradition request, this time for the Ecoteva case, which has been approved by the Judiciary and is waiting to be processed by the Executive and subsequently sent to the United States.

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