6 Tips for a kick-ass Workout at Home

Tips for a kick-ass Workout at Home

For well-known reasons, fitness centers and sports clubs are certainly closed until April 5. As a citizen working diligently on his condition, you are faced with yet another challenge. You can make a virtue of the need, because you can also work on your health at home in your living room. There is even a new word for it: quarantine !

Tip 1: Tight schedule

If no trainer supervises you, it is unfortunately not always easy to do your exercises properly, and not secretly cheat a bit. Of course, it is also extra tempting to skip a workout when no sports friend is waiting for you at the gym.

Remember that it is about your own health. Self-discipline will be indispensable in order not to snail. A useful trick to motivate yourself is to create a routine. Set up a smart schedule with exercises and schedule them at set times, such as the hours you would be training under normal conditions. A tight weekly schedule obliges you to take action and is an effective weapon against procrastination.

Tip 2: Find a virtual coach on YouTube …

Do you still need guidance or professional guidance, then Youtube is really your ideal fitness coach ad interim! Take the test yourself and type the word ‘workout’. Hurray, infinite number of hits! Then you choose a bit where your appetite lies: abdominal exercises, a full body workout or cardio workout.
You can also determine the length of your training via the search bar (10 min, 20 min, 60 min), as well as the level (beginner, intermediate, pro).

Prefer yoga for you? Then you will also enjoy many human lives with the sessions that you find online. And while these virtual trainers may not be as strict or as good as your usual flesh and blood copies, they are completely free.

Tip 3: … or via a great app

In addition to YouTube, you will also find tons of alternatives in application country. Apps are not always free, but you can better adjust them to your personal situation.

The better (often paying) app lets you first check how your condition is, and then you get customized exercises. They also take into account which devices are nearby or not. Your progress is easy to track and you get feedback from certified trainers.

Good apps include Fitbit Coach, Sworkit, Carrot fit (beware of the hilarious bitchy personal coach!) Or Freeletics.

Tip 4: A lot of space? Home fitness!

Do you prefer to use heavy resources to keep fit and do you have enough space in the house, or even a separate room? Then this is the perfect time to finally buy that fitness equipment that you have been dreaming about for so long. You can invest the money that you save from your café and restaurant visit during this period in a treadmill or exercise bike .

Place your exercise bike near your TV and you’ll be amazed at how fast you cycle time while watching Friends for the eleven hundred and thirtyth time. You can read your emails in the morning on the treadmill. Run competitions with your housemates around 10,000 steps a day. Use your imagination! With a sports watch you also keep a close eye on your progress.

Tip 5: Run a marathon

It is also important to keep moving during the days when you do not train yourself in a sweat. Movie marathons are certainly fun, but your body benefits a lot less. Sitting still for a long time is just as harmful to your health as at home. So rather run a real marathon, or start with a round around the block. Yes, this is allowed as long as you do not raise more than one additional person and respect the mandatory distance.

It can also be calmer: for example, play tag with your children, work in the garden or start your spring cleaning. Whatever you do, make sure you’re really busy for at least 30 minutes a day and avoid sitting still for more than an hour.

We are very happy to add movement to charity as an extra option. Where it is risky for the elderly to leave the house, you jump into the breach. For example, hear from your neighbors, friends or family whether someone can use help with, for example, walking the dog, shopping for groceries or collecting medicines. If you do not immediately find a grandfather / grandmother in need, you can put notes in the box, or offer yourself as a volunteer. You will then discover where someone in your municipality can use your help.

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