New Coronavirus kills more than 1,000 people in Italy

New Coronavirus kills more than 1,000 people in Italy

In Italy, where the spread of the new coronavirus is widespread, the total number of people who have died on October 12 has reached 1016, exceeding 1,000. With more than 15,000 infected people, the Italian government is urgently strengthening its medical system, especially in the northern region, by deploying a new ventilator to treat severely ill patients.

The Italian government has announced on Tuesday that the number of new coronavirus deaths has increased by almost 200, to 1016, and more than 1,000.

The number of infected people has increased by 2651, bringing the total to 15,113.

Infected people are concentrated in three states, including Lombardy in the north, and account for over 90% of all deaths in Italy.

The Italian government has rushed to reinforce its medical posture, including deploying more than 100 ventilators in these three states to treat patients with severe pneumonia and adding more intensive care unit beds. You.

In addition, in order to prevent the spread of the infection, the government has called for refrain from going out of the country unnecessarily.

In the capital city of Rome, citizens lined up in front of a supermarket that operates while limiting the number of people inside the store, but restaurants and bars have been closed, and traffic is less than usual.

Experts say Italy’s healthcare system faces an emergency

Experts in Italy, familiar with the spread of infectious diseases, point out that the lack of immunity of the new coronavirus has led to the spread of the disease very quickly, and the surge in the number of infected people has led to healthcare in Italy. Said the system is facing an emergency.

Professor Loparco of the University of Pisa in Northern Italy, who specializes in epidemiology, told NHK on a videophone on Tuesday that the biggest difference from influenza is the new coronavirus, which spreads mainly in Lombardy in the northern part of the country, Pointed out the speed of expansion.

“No one in Italy or the world has the immunity to the virus. The susceptibility of anyone to infection has led to the spread of the infection very quickly.”

He further expressed a sense of crisis, saying that the surge in patients was a major burden on the local healthcare system, saying that it was an emergency that had not yet been experienced.

He said that the spread of infections in Europe other than Italy was “Looking at the increase in the number of infected people in France and Germany, it is the same situation as in Lombardy. It is a matter of time now.” He emphasizes that it is important to focus on limiting the surge of patients and create a situation where the healthcare system can respond.

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