Coronavirus: Useful Things you Can do at Home

Things you Can do at Home

This free time that we will have you can take advantage of in ordering your room and making some pending in your home and life.

The country is in a state of emergency until March 30, this to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus , a time when we will stay at home, and that we can take advantage of to carry out useful activities. The ‘Enfemenino’ portal shares some things you can do at home so that the time is profitable.

1:- Order things you forget to do. For example, you could start with your underwear drawer, or your shopping bag drawer or your shoe drawer. This is your time to give them the attention they deserve and put you in Marie Kondo mode.

2:- Take an online course. If you want to develop a skill, or learn something new like: Excel, Photoshop, programming, the so-called MOOCs (massive online open courses) are a simple and easily accessible way to learn more about a subject.

3:- Read pending books. If this year you didn’t have much time to read all the books you wanted, you can start doing it now. You will have many days to finish it.

4:- Practice your English. Do this by putting on TV a series in English or a book. Make the most of these days to fill it with your pending tasks.

5:- Start meditating. Clear your mind, leave it blank and find inner peace. Do exercises that help you relax and get away from stress.

6:- Do physical exercise. Going out on the street to run, or ride a bike, is one of the things that you will miss the most, but you will see that with a good exercise routine at home, you will not miss it so much. Do exercises like zumba or yoga.

7: Personalized diet. One of the tasks that we always put off is to improve our diet. Now that you have plenty of free time ahead, take advantage of it to learn more about nutrition and prepare healthy recipes.

8:- You order your finances. It is likely that you have been months (or years) thinking that you will, this is the time, put your accounts in order, review expenses and make a savings plan. You only have to take a piece of paper and a pen.

9:- Look at that long series you loved so much. That series that you wanted so much to watch and that you never could because it had too many seasons and you, little free time, will finally be able to see it.

10:- Sort the photos and files on your computer. This is one of the most useful things you can do in this free time, since sometimes we fill our computer with photos, files, but we rarely order it.

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